How to use pallet wrap by hand

How to use pallet wrap by hand

Easy steps on how to use your pallet wraps

Below we have written the best possible way to use your pallet wraps and making sure that they are used correctly for most applications and pallets with goods.

Selecting a pallet wrap

Making sure that you are going to use the correct pallet wrap should be the first step you take, below are a few different sizes of wraps that you will come across when purchasing from packaging suppliers. Below is pallet wrap extended core sizes.

400m x 450mm x 13mic
400m x 450mm x 15mic
400m x 400mm x 11mic
400m x 400mm x 13mic
300m x 375mm x 13mic

    Select a pallet for your items

    The first thing that you have to keep in mind when choosing a good pallet, is to make sure that it meet the requirement in size of the type of goods that you plan on putting onto the pallet for shipping.

    Choose a pallet that is in good shape always over sacrificing a leftover pallet. This will ensure that your goods don't get damaged during the delivery.

    Ensure that it is sturdy without any broken boards, legs or splitting edges. This will make the pallet accommodate your items.

    Stack your goods onto a pallet

    Want you want to do when stacking your goods and using pallet wrap, is to make sure that you stack your items as close together possible.

    If there is space between your items on the pallet, this will cause that your items shift after you have wrapped your items with pallet wrap, it will loosen the pallet wrap, making your items on your pallet unstable and increase the risk of damaged goods.

    Before stacking your items onto a pallet, consider how you will layer and stack your items.

    Place larger and heavier items at the bottom of the pallet wrap and smaller in the middle. The lightest items should always be on top. Try to ensure that the goods are within the boundaries of the pallet.

    Wrapping your pallet

    Start with the base of your pallet after stacking your items and keep a firm, ensure that each layer overlaps the previous one.

    We suggest doing at least 4 times around the pallet at the bottom base.

    Once you have reached the top, start to work your way down again to make your load more stable.

    Secure the pallet wrap

    Once you have complete wrapping your pallet and items, tear the stretch pallet wrap and stick it to the end of the pallet underneath the pallets edge.

    Testing the load stability for transport

    Finally, check that your goods are sturdy and in place. This will make sure that your goods don't shift around during transit.
    You will know when your are done when you push the upper items on your pallet and they are not loose.
    If your items move on your pallet, you have to repeat the process. If the items are still moving after your second attempt. It is clear that you are not using the right pallet wrap micron for your items. 
    You may then look for plastic packaging suppliers in your area or get in contact with us to give you pricing on stronger pallet wrap.


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